Our jewellery is designed by our French designers with their amazing fantasy and creativity well educated on the desire of ladies who appreciate wearing high-end accessories as beautiful as they are themselves. 

The material used in our jewellery is High-grade Alloy (Brass) with Swarovski Crystals and precious metal plating (Rhodium, Gold and Rose Gold). 

Swarovski Crystals from Austria is, of course, the most famous crystal brand in the world, best known for beauty and quality. We use Swarovski crystals in our designs due to the brilliant sparkles of these amazing crystals. That after cutting can be confused for diamonds thanks to its eye-catching appearance, which makes is very difficult to see the difference. 

The high-grade alloy material we use in our jewellery is Brass which is a high-end metal used for the quality, beauty and lasting finish offered by these precious metals. Because finished brass doesn't tarnish like silver and isn't costly like gold, it's widely used in the mainstream jewellery marketplace. 

For the long-lasting finish and beautiful appearance of our high-end jewellery, we use 18k Gold and 18k Rose Gold which of course speak for themselves from a quality and beauty point of view. For our platinum style designs, we use Rhodium plating. Rhodium is a rare silvery-white metal within the platinum family. It is particularly hard and is one of the most expensive precious metals, and unique for its high reflectance. 

Bear in mind that using expensive stones and precious metal is not a guarantee of high-end and high-quality jewellery. Many factors make high-end jewellery valuable. Important factors like design, precision cutting, thickness and quality of the plating, the type of metal that is plated, detail work, finishing quality and much more. 

Our jewellery is made with great quality and care because we want to shine through our customers who are wearing the beautifully made jewellery who shine with their appearance. We use high-quality and high-end precious metals, stones and plating to make these wonderful designs long-lasting. 

Remember like every beautiful thing jewellery have to be taken care of properly to last a lifetime so take care of them and they will take care of your appearance for a long time to come. 

We are very proud of our concept and we hope you as a member of our customer family are too.