Kid Smart Watch GPS Tracker IP67 Waterproof Fitness Watch SOS With Camera

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Kid Smart Watch GPS Tracker - IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch Phone with SIM SOS Camera Anti-lost Game Pedometer Digital Wrist Summer Outdoor Prime Deals Gift Sport Bracelet Watch iOS/Android


Functional introduction:

1, The latest touch screen operation, support photo

2, Family numbers must be set up to get through and receive information. Refuse strange calls and information, avoid children being harassed!

3, Do not hurt the eye display, high definition digital display. Even if the mobile phone is not used properly, it is also a fashionable electronic watch.

4, Special Apple iPhone4 type SIM card, children will not change cards.

The method of using the positioning function:

1, The phone card opened GPRS.

Six perfect upgrades:

Battery upgrade: increased to 250 Ma, ultra long standby for 3 days;

Positioning and upgrading: base station positioning is more accurate, the conventional error is less than 50 meters.

3. Watch strap upgrade: Edible grade silica gel is more comfortable and safer.

(4) hardware upgrade: USB interface, slot update;

Monitoring and upgrading: remote monitoring under the condition of black screen;

[product parameters]

GSM band: 800/900/1800/1900MHz GSM

Maximum adaptation to the sea height: 18000 meters

Working temperature: -20 degree to 70 degrees

Working humidity: 20% to 80%

Color: Blue / Pink

[Product Functions]

1. Support IOS6.0&Android 4.3 mobile phone system.

2.GPRS+ base station dual positioning mode;

3.GPRS real-time positioning, tracking, monitoring;

4. The two-way talk with the mobile phone;

5.SOS emergency alarm;

6. Electronic fence, safety area setting;

7. Exercise meter step, calorie consumption;

8. Watch dismantling alarm, low quantity of electricity alarm;

9. Remote shutdown.


Package including

1*DS38 Kids Smartwatch

1* User Manual

 1*USB Cable


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